WHICH is our approach to work?

Manifest will create books, materials, products, films, exhibitions, events and other media in the following areas:


To promote awareness of Self as spirit, self transformation, self belief and empowerment, guidance for life, healing, our relationship to all beings on earth and the universe. To inspire people mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically to reach beyond to a greater and more expansive consciousness.

Socially beneficial

To benefit, uplift, transform sections of society and our environment for the highest good of all.


To educate people on transforming and preserving the environment, the Earth, conserving natural resources and reducing wastage.


To educate, teach, guide, inculcate in children, youth, adults and senior citizens to live a life based on human values of unity, integrity, peace, dignity, love, joy, respect, etc. for each other, earth, animals, nature, our environment and all that we interact with.